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Celebrate Life Iowa Cremation Packages


When a cremation package is selected from Celebrate Life Iowa, a simplified pricing plan is available from our firm. The plans include services and goods that are most often selected by families needing our services. By utilizing these plans, you will be afforded a savings over the individually selected items. These plans may be added to, but items may not be subtracted from them. When merchandise is not selected, any item may be selected from our general price list. Our basic professional service fee is non-deductible item.

Full Service With Cremation Following The Service



Our basic service fee, embalming, dressing, cosmetizing, casketing, transfer of individual into our care, utility vehicle, 2-hour evening visitation, funeral service, funeral coach, delivery to crematory, alternative container, temporary container and crematory fee.

Cremation With Same Day Memorial Service



Our basic service fee, transfer of individual into our care, special care for un-embalmed body, utility vehicle, memorial services, alternative container, temporary container, and crematory fee.

Direct Cremation



Our basic service fee, filing paperwork, transfer of individual into our care, special care for un-embalmed body, medical examiner’s fee, alternative container, temporary container, and crematory fee.

*Medical Examiner Fee is $75, Alternative Container is $35
** All removals over 25 miles from Des Moines get charged an additional mileage fee of $100 per 25 miles

Our cremation service is the most affordable offered in Iowa. Click here to see the competition's prices. To see a full list of traditional funeral pricing please contact us at (515) 689-5522.

Both traditional and cremation packages do not include cash advance monies we advance for families such as minister honoraria, certified copies of death certificate, grave opening, obituary fees, flowers, lunch expense, vault delivery, etc. Cash advance fees are due at the time of the funeral arrangement conference.


Why Cremation?

The cremation rate in the United States has been increasing steadily with the national average rate of 40% in 2010. Nationally projected cremation rate for 2025 is 55%. Iowa is on track with the national average and in some markets are already ahead of the national average. Des Moines cremation rate is already at 50%. Most families that choose cremation however still have a service to honor their loved one. Celebrate Life Iowa specializes in creating unique and affordable services to assist families in Iowa. Cremation is a final form of disposition just like traditional burials are too.

Families have several choices for the next step in the cremation disposition process is:

  1. To keep the urn that the remains are placed in at the family’s home
  2. To scattering at a place of endearment to the deceased
  3. To burying the Urn in a family plot within a cemetery
  4. To placing the Urn within a columbarium at a cemetery, church or other place of memorialization.

Iowa Cremation FAQ

How long does the cremation take?

On average the cremation process takes 4 hours.

What do cremated remains weigh?

Bone structure and the size of an individual does matter. However, on average cremated remains weight 8 pounds without the urn.

How do the ashes get into the urn?

Most people are unaware once the cremation is done there are no ashes. The bones are swept out of the crematory and processed into ashes. Then collected and placed into a bag with a unique identification number. That bag is then place into an urn.

What if I had a hip replacement or other surgery?

All medical devices are separated after the cremation and properly disposed of. Families have the right to have them returned but this must be communicated to our staff prior to the cremation. Pacemakers are always removed from the decedent prior to cremation for the safety of the crematory staff.

After cremation what happens to the ashes?

Cremated remains may be disposed of in the following ways:

  • Burial or entombment.
  • Placement in a columbarium niche.
  • Taken home by the family.
  • Placement in a community niche, grave, or storage.
  • Scattered in accordance with state and local regulations.


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